APSA and the Goals

January 30, 2012

APSA, the Asia Pacific Sociological Association is an academic association established in 1996 having goals as follow:

  1. to establish a network to link sociological associations, sociology departments and individual sociologists in the Asia Pacific region;
  2. to provide information and contacts using such means as the Internet, email and newsletters;
  3. to act as a clearinghouse for co-operation in teaching, research and other professional activities;
  4. to promote and assist the publication of social research focusing upon the region;
  5. to encourage co-operation between sociologists, planners and policy makers at both the regional and community level;
  6. to hold regular regional conferences, seminars and workshops;
  7. to establish and maintain an on-line journal concerning issues in the Asia Pacific region to sociologists worldwide; and
  8. to establish and maintain a website to better promote the concerns deemed most important by the association membership.